Just Because: Study Shows That Yes, People Who Wear Watches Really Are Superior Humans

hodinkee.com – 2 days ago on May 22nd 2020

By Jack Forster

They also make the interesting point that a smartphone is not a substitute for a watch, in terms of how we perceive time and how that perception affects punctuality. “One limitation which could be leveled at this study is that some participants may own a mobile phone, but not a standard watch, which may act as a confounder because they still have rapid access to the time.

However, 100% of our exploratory sample and 97.5% in our second sample also owned a mobile phone so this is unlikely to have been an influencing factor.”

Finally, they conclude, “Specifically, watch wearers from a variety of backgrounds elicit significantly higher levels of conscientiousness and lower levels of extraversion and openness. They also arrive earlier for appointments. From the present data, it is not clear whether being conscientious inclines a person to wear a watch, or whether wearing a watch makes a person more conscientious.

Whichever the direction of the relationship, watch wearing is a valid external marker of both personality and associated behavior.”

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